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Blogs, Groups, and Forums added to, a website created by John George Campbell, based on his book Stock Market Baseball, has added free blogs, groups, and forums to the website.


Stock Market Baseball Book cover

Stock Market Baseball Book cover

About Stock Market Baseball


Stock Market Baseball is about using technical chart analysis, to understand how to read stock charts, in order to trade better. It also focuses on small percentage gains each day, like playing small ball in baseball, to make money in the stock market, while also managing trading risk.


Free Blogs, Groups, and Forums for registered website members


Blogs, Groups, and Forums are free to registered members of If you day trade, or swing trade, or use technical chart analysis to help with your trading decisions, join the site, and create your own blog posts, groups, and forum topics. The invitation is open to individuals and groups.

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Share what you know


Are you a fan of certain chart patterns, because you always have good fortune when you see them, then come on over, and write about your experience trading, based on those patterns. If you use certain technical indicators to help you paint the chart with, join Stock Market Baseball, and start a blog, or forum, to share what you know.  There isn’t a single one of us that has all the answers. But if a lot of us that use charts and technical analysis to trade with come together to share what we know, we can learn from one another.

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Talk about Candlestick Chart Patterns.


Do you know how to read Japanese Candlestick chart patterns? I know a little, but certainly not a lot. These Japanese candlestick patterns have been used for over 100 years to make trading decisions with. If you know all about them, do you know what you should do with that information? Share what you know! Show off! Pontificate! Hold court, sensei. Your blog is yours.


Blog, create groups, participate in forums, for free, by joining


John George Campbell is the author of the book Stock Market Baseball, about how John increased the value of his trading portfolio 500% one year, and followed that up with a 200% gain the following year, on assets traded. Those results were tied directly to John teaching himself technical anaylsis, and for taking a small ball approach to trading. Like winning in the game of baseball by hitting for lots of singles and doubles, and the occasional home run.

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