Stock Market Baseball adds Blogs and Forums

Blogs, Groups, and Forums added to, a website created by John George Campbell, based on his book Stock Market Baseball, has added free blogs, groups, and forums to the website.   About Stock Market Baseball   Stock Market Baseball is about using technical chart analysis, to understand …

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Use Fibonacci Retracement levels for peace of mind

QQQ Powershares Trust June 24 2013 chart

Here’s a recent example of how I use Fibonacci retracement levels for peace of mind, and to make a quick assessment of an investments chart. An online friend of mine that works for a large investment bank asked me on June 20th, 2013 what direction I thought the market was going …

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Use Technical Chart Analysis because Every Picture Tells a Story

What is Technical Chart Analysis? How does it differ from Fundamental Analysis, and why should every trader learn how to use technical chart analysis? One simple comparison that I’ve seen recently explaining the difference between Technical Chart Analysis and Fundamental Analysis involves shopping. In a shopping mall, everyone that goes into a …

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